Riders of the Sage

Come join the upcoming High Counter Conservation Advocates bicycle tour and enjoy some Camp 4 Coffee before your ride! This unique bicycle tour on June 10th will take you through the restored Gunnison Sage-Grouse habitat.  It conveniently starts at the Camp 4 Coffee Ohio Creek coffee trailer (8:30 AM)!  So come visit Murph, have your cuppa Joe and enjoy your ride!  camp4coffee.comRegister for the Ride

1 thought on “Riders of the Sage”

  1. Felicia and I are coming in last week of and leaving out in end of August or first of September. Very excited to be back and celebrate our 10th anniversary on the mountain where we were married July 27 2014! We been Camp for coffee friends since we first came to CB in 2012… see you soon!

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