Murphy Smith

The Roaster Saga

Things can get dicey when you live high in the hills, own a coffee shop, and your roaster breaks down. When it happened at Camp4 earlier this week, Al and Murphy assessed the situation and found the gearmotor start capacitor had failed. After ordering and expediting a new part, the two men anxiously awaited its arrival. Meanwhile, internet orders were piling up, the red and silver bag slots were empty, and the clear grinder bins in the coffee shops were slowly emptying the last of the precious Sledgehammer.

Thankfully, later than expected, the part arrived! Murphy arose before 6 am to deliver coffee, helped repair the roaster at 2 pm, and roasted till 6 pm to catch up. Cars were at CB South at 6:10 am Friday, waiting for a refill of CBs favorite roast, as the C4C team filled orders, stocked coffee, and brought life in CB back to normal. Ahhhh. Thank you! 

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