Our Blends

We roast all our coffee in our Crested Butte South location.  

Dark Roasts

art of darkness

Art of Darkness

Our French Roast blend of Sumatran and Costa Rican beans. A great balance of smoky flavor and caramel sweetness.

mixed emotions half caf

Mixed Emotions

A “1/2 caf” blend of French Roast and Luna Vista. Perfect for those who want a tasty cup with half the kick.

organic french roast

Organic Frech Roast

A great dark blend of organic Sumatran and Central American coffees.

Medium-Dark Roasts



This is our famous house blend with full-bodied flavor. This roast works well with any coffee maker. Sumatran, Costa Rican, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans make it work.

Organic Silverhammer

Silver Hammer

The certified organic version of our Sledgehammer. Full-bodied, Medium-Dark with bright highlights and lots of Sumatra for caramel, chocolatey smoothness.

luna vista decaf

Luna Vista Decaf

This coffee tastes so good it’s hard to believe its decaf. We use a chemical-free Swiss water process.

Medium Roasts

blue mesa

Blue mesa

A blend of Ethiopian and Columbian beans that combine to create an exotic taste with hints of blueberry.

columbo gold

Columbo Gold

A smooth, European-style coffee. This blend of Columbian and Guatemalan beans is flavorful, but light.

organic cafe maya

Organic Cafe Maya

Certified Central American beans with flowery, citrus notes.

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