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Wowsers! It’s a Mountain of Packages!

Al at the post office

Holy Moley Mega Camp4 Package Day.  Folks getting ready for something. Thanks. I am caught up. Send more…

3 thoughts on “Wowsers! It’s a Mountain of Packages!

  1. Thanks for the hard work and keeping me caffeinated, Al. I’m happy to have received my package.

    1. I am glad too. Thank you for keeping us busy. Al

  2. Hi Al and everyone at Camp 4. Thanx so much for the gifted 1 lb bag of Columbo Gold. We were excited when our package arrived so quickly and we made our daughter’s day by giving her a bag of Sledgehammer. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope to see you some time this winter!! Susan and Roy Widjeskog

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