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We have new mugs!

Coffee Cups

Wythina designed these mugs.  We hope you like them.  Available in the shops.  Buy 2 pounds, get a FREE mug.

6 thoughts on “We have new mugs!

  1. Love the mugs! How many if I order bulk!?

  2. I love the mugs. I want to buy them please.

  3. i just bought coffee but couldn’t figure out how to buy two mugs?

  4. i just bought coffee but couldn’t figure out how to buy two mugs? i want a pink and blue one

    1. We do not currently offer mugs on our online store. Two thoughts – the upcoming Christmas special does include a mug. Also, email Al and see if he can do something special for you 🙂

  5. Hi Al,
    Ordering coffee for the hubby again! I love those colored mugs; if you have a blue, pink or purple taking up room, throw it in! Otherwise I’m gonna steal his from the xmas package I ordered, lol! (BTW: I have two of your other labels hanging in my kitchen already!)
    Hope all is well with you and yours, and wishing you a wonderful 2020.
    My 2019 was very rough, very emotional and quite sad. I personally look forward to ringing in a new year that is happy and healthy~ for me, you, and all those we know and love.
    Look forward to putting all of these goodies under the tree this year. Maybe we’ll see each other at the reunion in June. ?!?!?
    Take care my friend, sending love and hugs! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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