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Valentine’s Day Special is HERE!

The Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Bundle is LIVE!

Your box contains everything you need to create the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special someone: a bag, pink and red tissue, a heart tag, a red bow, 2 pounds of our Valentine’s Blend, a sassy goat mug and Dove chocolates. It’s easy to assemble and looks great! Have it shipped or pick it up in one of our stores – your choice!

The label on our Valentine’s Blend marks the second in a series of collectible “Al” labels! Collect these one-of-a-kind labels and, if you have all of them by the end of 2020, you’ll receive a special Camp4Coffee Deal!

The Valentine’s Blend is a black and tan blend with both dark and medium roast beans. The dark roast brings chocolate, caramel, smoky tones. The medium beans add citrus notes and a great medium body. The combo is terrific! Note: you can substitute one of our regular blends for the Valentine’s blend. Specify the change in your order notes.


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