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How Many Orders Can Al & the Crewe Fill in a Day?

boxes at the PO

I congratulate you all on your ability to challenge Al, Brayden, and Shawn with Cyber Monday orders – 58 packages were shipped through the Crested Butte Post Office (I am sure the PO was thrilled 😉 ). It leaves me wondering… how many orders can they fill in a day? I challenge you to order your favorite blend or the Christmas Special tomorrow, Wednesday and let’s see if they can beat 58. It’s chilly in the coffee barn, so moving around is good for them and we wouldn’t want them to be bored…

1 thought on “How Many Orders Can Al & the Crewe Fill in a Day?

  1. Is that Brayden? The new guy. The college intern who is helping Camp4Coffee reach out to new customers? And making Al wear a Santa Claus suit?

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