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How Many Orders Can Al & the Crewe Fill in a Day?

I congratulate you all on your ability to challenge Al, Brayden, and Shawn with Cyber Monday orders – 58 packages were shipped through the Crested Butte Post Office (I am sure the PO was thrilled ;) ). It leaves me wondering… how many orders can they fill in a day? I challenge you to order your favorite blend or the Christmas Special tomorrow, Wednesday and let’s see if they can beat 58. It’s chilly in the coffee barn, so moving around is good for them and we wouldn’t want them to be bored…

2 thoughts on “How Many Orders Can Al & the Crewe Fill in a Day?”

  1. Is that Brayden? The new guy. The college intern who is helping Camp4Coffee reach out to new customers? And making Al wear a Santa Claus suit?

  2. Hello Al, I would like to know if you owned the coffee cart outside the main entrance of the CB ski center about a million years ago, in the mid-to-late 80’s/and early 90’s. My late husband and I loved the Caffe Americano’s made by … how can I describe this gently … a ‘hippy dude’ (we were hippy-types back then, too). Fast forward, our little girl we used to haul up the mountain with us is now pregnant, and is fixated on learning to make Caffe Americano’s (decaf), and asked me for the best proportions of espresso to water. I don’t know what miracle took place to make the Caffe Americano from that hippy dude taste like a cup of magic, but I’d sure like to try to track it down and pass it on to my kid. I just got your name from a long-time resident, Mark Collins and his wife Emily, who moved to Florence, Italy 8 years ago. We are all expats living abroad in the land of caffe, but there are some American memories that just can’t be replicated here, no matter how much wine is consumed. I will add, if you are not that ‘dude’, maybe you could give me your recipe/proportions to send to my daughter. Also, could you make a recommendation for your best decaf expresso blend for my daughter to try in her stovetop Moka espresso maker? Thanks, Dennis Clark

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