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Favorite Blend: Luna Vista Decaf. Trying your 1/2 caf next! This is me enjoying your coffee, more than any other brand, with my dog Maya. I discovered you in Crested Butte on vacation 4 years ago and have been mail ordering your coffee ever since!!!

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Hot Coffee on a Cold Morning

My first experience with the legendary Camp 4 Coffee was during an elk hunting trip over a 6 years ago with my Brother in Law. It was freezing cold, super early, and the only show in town that was open was Camp 4 in CB South. The dim lights were a welcome site and Al was hard at work in the back. We loaded up that morning(and every morning after) and Sledgehammer kept us going all day. We returned after the hunt that day to fill up again. Ever since, I have had coffee shipped across country to Ohio. Al always sends a hand written ‘Thank You’ with the order.

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Coffee On The Patio

It’s particularly enjoyable to sit out here on the patio, in the morning sunlight, following a few days of rainy weather. Camp 4 Coffee’s Art Of Darkness makes the experience so much more enjoyable!

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Favorite is good old Sledgehammer . I had an air tanker pilot turns us to it. We do Aerial Firefighting and any pilot that comes from CO to us we demand the sledgehammer. We like best made with an aero press.

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Perfect Traditional Espresso

Heart Foam

SledgeHammer lives up to its name with its intense aroma and caffeine kick. But the beauty of this blend is in its wonderful aromatic tones and caramel and pecan hints of the kind typically associated to the world’s best traditional Italian roasts. Next best thing to drinking espresso in Italy, is sippin’ some SledgeHammer! My photo was taken last month after brewing up some Sledge.

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Favorite Blend:  I like mixing Sledgehammer and Luna Vista Decaf.  Yum!  I make Soy Mochas with the shots on top!

I discovered Camp4 when we came to Crested Butte over News Years.  I had a mocha with toltec chocolate – soooo good!  I loved the quaint license-plate covered shop off Elk St and had my husband take a picture of me with my westie, Ella Roo, in front.  I am so glad that I did, because she passed shortly after that, but I can always enjoy that last picture (its my facebook pic).

Now I live in Crested Butte (4+ years) and enjoy Camp4Coffee every day.  I also do the website, so I am definitely a die-hard C4 addict!