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Camp4Coffee Sample Program Picking Up Speed…

Packets at Post Office

Well folks,

It took awhile-years really.  But the user and shipper-friendly sample program is working.  I just filled a bunch of sample requests today.  If you enjoy Camp4Coffee, you may know others stranded in a “Coffee Desert” who would enjoy becoming familiar with a great cup of Joe.

You will see an email soon that includes a ‘Link” for “Send a Friend Camp4”.  Click it, fill in your friends address, add a note if you like, and we will get it on the way.  This is an easy way to poke your coffee-loving friends, expose them to quality beans and help us grow our shipping program.  With luck, we will double this year.

Thank you for your help exercising the new site and the old warehouse guys. This is fun.

Al and C4Crewe

2 thoughts on “Camp4Coffee Sample Program Picking Up Speed…

  1. Everytime I visit CB, what gets me to drive faster is knowing there’s Camp 4 Coffee waiting for me at the end of the rainbow!

  2. I spent a lot of time to find something similar to this

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