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Best Moose Picture EVER?

Moose in field

Well it is the best moose picture I ever shot.  Those  dang moose are elusive.  We have heard about moose in Cement Creek for years.  My neighbor got an evening shot that could be mistaken for a chupacabra.

But these guys were out in the early evening.  Hanging with the horses.  Long, gangly legs flopping as they meandered away from our position like shiftless teenagers looking for fun.

Hooray for the reintroduction of Moose to the Rockies.  Now we have lions, deer, elk, bears, moose, coyotes, wolves, badgers, eagles, hawks and grouse and ……raccoon, porcupines, ferrets, ermine,  beavers, rabbits, hares, fox, bobcat…

2 thoughts on “Best Moose Picture EVER?

  1. Are your packets of coffee whole bean?

  2. Hey Al, I was walking my dog Otis in Big Sky and we came face to face with a very large and aggressive male, trust me its much better when they’re not in your grill. After a few Moose snorts and stomp’s, Otis, a huge Rott and I hightailed it back to the cabin laughing all the way. They are incredible creatures! Can’t wait to get a cup of your coffee!!

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